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Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Meet Walter! adopted from a shelter by Barb & John in September.

Walter is a five year old Maine Coon with a history of urinary blockage. He was turned over to the shelter when his owners couldn't afford his hospital bills. He has to be on a special diet ( a bit tricky with six other cats in the house) but it is easily managed.

Walter is into everything and he loves his "gravity experiments".

Barb says it is like having an entire litter of kittens under foot!

Walter is an absolute joy to have around and a wonderful addition to the Downing menagerie.

Along with Buddy, Walter has also claimed the title of Trailer Kitty! That means he gets to accompany Barb and John for weekends at their RV from May to September.

He made two trailer-kitty trips before the end of the season this year and just loved it.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Isabelle Downing!

Isabelle, our little grey wonder-cat (formerly known as Crazy May) went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning after a sudden stroke left her in severe pain and her hind end paralyzed. The Vet diagnosed "Saddle Thrombus", a blood clot completely blocking the blood flow to the hind legs. She has been suffering with a Thyroid condition that that took precedence over her heart murmur - both of which contributed to today's crisis.

Isabelle was dropped off at Barb's California home many years ago by a neighbor saying "Is this your cat? Our dog attacked it"! Starving, about 6 months old, cold, wet and frightened, that night she joined Barb's gang of felines. Overnight she aborted 3 kittens - she was so skinny and malnourished it was impossible to believe she was pregnant too!

Isabelle quickly assimilated - except her attitude was that she should be #1 kitty - entitled to being the Princess of all she surveyed. Of course, with Presh there as the undisputed queen of everything, that wasn't about to happen.

A few weeks later, somehow the door to Barb's rural home was left open. All the housecats made a quick adventure outside - promptly frightened, the gang all ran back inside, but Isabelle did what came natural to her - SHE CLIMBED A TREE! It was four days before we located her with a flashlight at night reflecting off her eyes - sixty feet up a pine tree as shown! Yes, Barb climbed all the way up there, slipped Isabelle into a tote bag and climbed back down!

When Barb moved to New Hampshire from California, 7 of her cats (and Alex the Border Collie) accompanied her and her friend Joan Rougemont on the cross-country trek. Isabelle was at risk of having to be re-homed, but not being the most striking cat in the world, that was not an easy task. That is when our friend Diane Pargament stepped in and graciously insisted on buying Isabelle a plane ticket to New Hampshire. ( Diane is the Senior Manager of our Community: THANK YOU, Diane!

Immediately on arrival in New Hampshire, Isabelle took to John as the human she had searched for her entire life! The two instantly bonded and enjoyed a feline-human relationship that neither had ever seen, only wished for. Recently, Isabelle got her greatest wish: to be #1 KITTY - as she has been accompanying John and Barb on weekends to their travel trailer at Danforth Bay, NH. Although she wasn't crazy about the car ride, Isabelle was so incredibly happy to have her rightful place as "only kitty", it was a joy to see.

You will be missed, Isabelle! We will see you again some day. Barb & John Downing

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Before Molly and Donna met, Molly was a stray and had at least six kittens.

Donna found Molly at a shelter in 2012 when Molly was already about 2 years old.

Molly is a Calico with beautiful markings.

Having loved three wonderful chihuahuas before Molly, Donna was ready for a change. Molly and Donna fit perfectly! Love always succeeds.

Molly is now about 4 or 5 years old and weighs 15 and 1/2 pounds! Here is a closeup of her watching her cat video!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

You'll notice in some of the pictures, his coat is really and in others it has blondish discoloration. He has a Sebaceous Adenitis. The treatment affected his liver and his immune system has been compromised. He gets a lot of treats because he gets shots, spray on his skin, mineral oil on his skin, prescription topical medicine, fish oil daily vitamin A. He is sooooo good with all of that.

He likes to go to the vet's office, even thought he'll get stuck with needles. Sometimes, the have to draw blood out of his neck and he is so good for them. Of course, he always wants to go in the back of the clinic and see everyone there. He makes them stop what they are doing and pet him. Then he's ready to come back to me after he's interrupted everyone.

He is so much my dog (never had a dog only devoted to me). My husband used to travel globally and when he would come home and was ready to go to bed, Sampson would get up on the bed and growl at my husband. I was no help - I'd laugh at the situation.

Sampson will not go outside for my husband, he'll wait for me.

Sampson is a lover, not an aggressor.

When Sampson came to us, we already had a cat, Casey. Sampson and Casey were best buds, but Casey was getting old. At 19 1/2 Casey was really frail and would lay down on the kitchen mat. Sampson would lay next to Casey and the cat would snuggle into Sampson for warmth. While they were snuggled up with each other, Sampson would always clean Casey's face and ears. It was so sweet. After Casey died, Sampson focused on me even harder.

He is a very smart dog. I can take him out on the front lawn without a leash and he will not go in the street.

I can take him for a walk without a leash and he will stay by me.

We have trick or treaters come to our house each year and always ask to pet Sampson. We've even run into some of the Trick or Treaters in the pet store and they were excited to see him. Weird but fun.

He loves to play with other dogs. Our neighbor has a Boarder Collie, Mike. They are great buds. They are both 7 and will play in the front yard without leashes and not bother anyone.

Sampson thinks the neighbors garage is an extension of our house. Strange?

Sam likes to dance with our granddaughter (the girl in the picture).

We have 2 finches (Archie and Missy - named after the St. Louis Arch and the Mississippi). Sam checks on them everyday and lays under their cage.

He's the best door bell I've ever had. Not aggressive, just very loud.

Needless to say - I love my Sampson and my Sampson loves me.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Happy 15th Birthday Cicero!

Cicero Sunshine celebrates his 15th Birthday on November 4! It's hard to believe he has graced the world with his wonderfulness for that many years, because at times he's just still so kitten-like! As a Pets Forums Chowtester, he never officially grew up, of course, and his havvok rekking days are far from over. But, alas, he has slowed down a bit, and loves sleeping in his tent in the guest bedroom.

Cicero was born into a charmed life. The only "rescue" that needed to be done was to save him from being a Show Cat, a fate that befell his brother, who eventually rose to Grand Champion. He and his brothers were born in the warm confines of a walk-in closet at his breeder's home, and he spent the first 12 weeks of his life being terribly pampered. When he came to his Forever Home he was well-mannered and had learned to tolerate being brushed and having his nails clipped, though he never did learn to tolerate being bathed.

Waddur????? Did sumwun menshun a baff????

Growing up in Southern California and then in Northern California, Cicero admits he's had it pretty easy. His favorite thing has always been to sit in his Daddy's lap or play a game of chase. He can still outrun his Mommy any day of the week. Not much for "cat toys," Havvok Rekking has been his special form of games throughout the years. In the early days, anything made of paper was fair game toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, newspaper. He doesn't break things; he torments his humans by hiding in plain sight, closing himself in cupboards to be found only after exhaustive searches. One of his favorite tricks was to go to sleep in his carrier one day while his Mommy panicked, thinking he'd gotten outside and disappeared. He also loves to play in his Mommy's studio and apparently thinks of himself as a Kitty VanGogh. Mommy has Cicero to thank for her studio, after he ran through the Cobalt Blue paint one day and the headed through the kitchen onto the white carpet. He is also famous for knocking over his Grammy's chair and creating earthquakes, though since his move to Northern CA, he seems to have lost that ability.

His Humans are grateful that he's been in relatively good health all these years, only having to deal with allergies, which are now under control with weekly allergy injections. We hope he'll have another 15 years in him - it's not beyond the realm of possibility - and we know that no matter how long they're with us, it's never long enough!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Vassilli Rougemont!

In Loving Memory of Vassilli Rougemont

In 2001, when Vassilli was just a kitten, he somehow escaped his mommy and litter-mates and was found in a Detroit backyard. His owners could not be found and so a friend took him in and flew him to Massachusetts to live with me and 6 other kitties.

He was adorable and so friendly - he got along great with all of his new roommates.

He was an indoor/outdoor cat for his first 8 years and was once chased by a dog into the lake, which proved he could swim. After that, he became an indoor cat, although he did manage the occasional elopement just to give me a little exercise.

He was always a good eater and got to be 18 pounds until about 6 months ago when he started losing weight. Lab work and an ultrasound could not find a cause.

Vassilli went to the Rainbow Bridge on 10-16-13 and is sorely missed by his mommy and his roommates. Rest in peace my dearest Vassilli.

Our hearts are with you Joan and the whole Rougemont family. Farewell Vassilli. We will see you there.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Gypsy's Gang!

This is me Gypsy... Queen of the house!! I belong to Jake. Here I am in My "Catdominium"... I love this box and keep all my babies in here to play with... Lots of them from Barb when she sends me cookies!
We love our Gammy and Gammpy, Jeri Kaye and Lewis Schindler and are so happy when they order the special cookies from Barb...


This is me Lulu... I am the "Little Lady" of the pack... I belong to Joel... I love my cookies from Barb and always do high fives to get rewards!!!

This is me Johnny... I belong to Joel. I am the oldest of the granddoggies... I am just waiting for Santa Claus! He is always so good to me!

This is me Elsa... I belong to Rory and am Gypsy's cousin... I am all dressed up with my party hat to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Gypsy!!!

I am also the one who eats up Gypsy's food when she is not looking!!!!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Widic Family!

These aren't all of the Widic family cats. Kami and Morti are Hiding for now.

Maybe they will come out sometime to play with us.

However Sarah, pictured right here is so sweet and a mama's girl!

You wish you had a playground like ours don't you? Yeah We knew it. Tell your Hoomanz to get you a big one!

"This is my big boy, Sammy!! He is huge!!"

Eddie is one and a half years old as of September 2013

"Barney tested positive to luekemia but I give t-cell booster shots to him every 28 days. I love him beyond words so I just keep praying ..."

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Bertie Salsbury Downing!

"Bertie" Salsbury Downing June 16,1998 - August 21, 2013

"I have slipped the surly bonds of earth... and touched the face of God ...and knocked over his coffee cup...

We will add a few more pics of Bertie as soon as we can find them :)

Bertie was the clumsiest cat that ever lived! Also nicknamed the "boneless kitty" because he was so long it was difficult to contain all of him without a part hanging out - a leg, a tail or a paw.

His litter was named after British cartoon characters, thus his full registered name of Brocstar Bertie Blenkinsop. He was born in West Sussex, England to Stuart & Ros Badger's Brocstar Maine Coons Cattery on June 16, 1998 and was personally brought to me at the start of their first ever trip to America in October of that year.

Bert has been an absolute Joy all these years. he is the last of the "old guard" of Barb's kitties and certainly will be missed. We are digging up old pictures, and hope to find the ones of him and Presh on their long leashes, wading in the creek behind Barb's California home. Cats? W A D I N G ?? You Betcha!

Bertie was in remission from diabetes that was diagnosed last winter and finally had his hyperthyroid condition and heart murmur under control. He traveled with Barb & John to their travel trailer on weekends, happily riding in his carrier, flanked by Alex the Border Collie and Caesar the yellow lab in the back seat.

This week, Bert took a turn for the worse and probably had a kidney infection. Perhaps he reacted to one of the treatments, or everything together finally became too much to handle and he passed gently in Barb's arms at 10:15 last night. Hopefully he is now romping and playing (and wading!) with Preshie at the Rainbow Bridge.


Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
The Gang!

Some of the kitty gang at Vir-Chew-All wants to say hi to all of our best friends out there! Hey that's you!

Blossom shows off how the new "cat trap" is working beautifully.

Jake in his usual guarded stance, protecting the... well protecting his dreams perhaps :)

Here's Blossom and Suzie doing their own guarding. "No one here but us ducks mom!"

Bertie, Blossom, Suzie and Jake all get down and have a blast in the fresh catnip! Oh life is so hard!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Kokua is an unknown mix of possibly pit bull and lab or similar. She is an ADA approved assist dog.

Kokua was born on the island of Oahu in 2004 and was given to Leslie as a tiny puppy on her way home from Oahu to Maui, Hawaii. Here she is at only 1 year old.

Kokua is a very affectionate darling. She helps her mommy whenever she is feeling ill and is very protective of her. Here Kokua patiently receives the love of her best friend Alex.

Kokua's younger sister Bella loves to run with her in their large fenced yard and sometimes they get to go running in Poli Poli Maui!

Kokua is now 9 years old. She has very dignified gray hairs coming out on her chin and neck. "Kokua" is a Hawaiian word invented in the 20th century to describe caregivers who went with their family members to the island of Molokai when that island housed the leper colony under the care of St. Damien. The English equivalent is cooperation or working together.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Precious Little-Love bam-bam Killer Salsbury is most famous for "helping me with everything I do" for 13 years She died of Chronic Kidney Failure (CRF) July 4, 2005

Once photographed on Barb's shoulder for an article in the Sacramento Bee newspaper, Preshie became very well known, with friends around the world. The cat who started it all! Precious Little-Love bam-bam Killer Salisbury was a little Manx Kitty Girl with a powerful personality and more charm than a barrel of monkees.

Presh was also the founder of the original "Critter Chat", an immensely popular forum where "the pets take over the keyboards and talk to each other". With some members and volunteer staff going back to the late 1990's, Critter Chat is still alive and well in The Pets Forums under the "Calling All Critters" section.

Well Presh! It's been 17 years and we love you just as much and more. You changed pets and peoples lives with your inspiration and love. There will never be another like you. All of our precious pets deserve the very best and more love than we can ever give. Be good to them.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Alex, Caesar & Niles!

Family and Friends of Vir-Chew-All

Here at Vir-Chew-All we got all kinds of critters and we love them all!

Caesar and Alex have been having a lot of fun in the snow this year!

Niles is an Egyptian Mao living in Massachusetts with his brother Cairo (a Smoke colored Egyptian Mao) and 7 other housemates, including a Birman, two Singapuras, an American Curl and 3 DSHs. As the alpha kitty, he is in charge of all four-legged family members.

Recently, at age 10, he developed diabetes and is now on twice-daily insulin. The vet said he could very well be one of the 20&perc; of diabetic cats who go into a semi-permanent remission except for the fact that Niles won't eat canned food. The vet said remission has been seen only in cats on canned food. Niles mom went to the cat store and bought one of every type/flavor of “Gourmet” canned food to try to get Niles to switch, but Niles will not give in.

As a matter of fact, Niles has become so spoiled since developing diabetes, that he will only eat KITTEN dry food - he has purrfected the art of finickiness - he will not even so much as sniff at any other “cat” food!

Alex has been with us for EVER! He is the leader and he loves to show off his bandanas. He doesn't like them mentioned though which is why he cleverly hid the one he had on the moment he saw the camera.

Caesar lost a leg to soft tissue sarcoma but he protects and guides us just fine.

He does LOVE his sweaters! Who ever heard of a big dog that liked sweaters!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Holiday Friends!

In Loving Memory Amy Dawg

gone but never forgotten, she is still loved by and has touched so many hearts we want to remember her again. Thanks for lighting our lives Amy!

In Loving Memory Tilly

and her best pal Sadie who is still celebrating with us! To Christmas' past and future!

The Del Mar kittens from Christa Maitz. Sooooo cute!

Santa Kim is prepping everyone's goodies this year as always.

We'll be featuring more holiday pets when you send them us pictures and descriptions to!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Boo HBD!

Boo's birthday was Nov. 11, and several guests came by to celebrate.

She hit paydirt with all the gifts, which included wand toys, mice and a supply of her beloved CatManDo.

The apt. was decorated with banners and Happy 10th Birthday balloons - Boo had never seen balloons before, so kept her distance - but will watch them when they move in the breeze.

Boo stayed hidden and napped through most of the afternoon, but later on, she made a surprise appearance, much to the delight of guests. She enjoyed tuna while we humans indulged in my homemade cupcakes and brownies, all decorated especially in honour of Boo.

Once the festivities ended, the exhausted birthday girl had some CMD and zonked out for a nap.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

We have just placed yet another order for CatManDo for my Boo, my tortie who turns 10 next month. She was the reason I discovered Vir-Chew-All in the first place.

Back in 2003, I adopted 3 cats on the same day (a Friday the 13th!). They were known collectively as the Yukon Three. Boo was the youngest, as her companions Bali (RB 1998-2011) and Latte (RB 2000-2012) were much older. The week they came home with me for the first time, a friend sent us a Gotcha Present, which included a small tin of Kitty Kaviar, a dried bonito flake treat. Boo loved it so much, I searched in vain for a local source... but living in the isolated sub-arctic of the Yukon, Canada means very little specialty shopping. So I was thrilled to find an online supplier - and 9 years later, CatManDo (a similar bonito snack) from Vir-Chew-All continues to be part of our nightly treat ritual.

Boo had a rough start - born feral, she arrived at the shelter at a mere 5 weeks old, and spent her entire first 14 months at the shelter, where she met Bali, who was to be her lifelong companion. Boo was so skittish, she spent her time snuggling with Bali or hiding behind the cages. The shelter couldn't even find her to take her picture for their adoption website. Few people ever saw her, and if she hadn't been best buds with Bali, she likely wouldn't have been adopted at all. I was committed to adopting Bali, and asked if he had a friend. The administrator was thrilled because it's hard to adopt out bonded pairs. As she said to me, "She needs him." That clinched the deal, and Boo got to spend the next 9 years with her mentor and love, Bali.

In many ways, Boo's development has been the most dramatic of all 3 cats. I was her first human, and she learned from Bali how to relate to me and the world. She had never been in a home before, but he taught her how to adjust. A typical tortie, Boo is vocal, demanding - and also incredibly interactive and fun.

This past year, we lost Bali and Latte to various illnesses, and Boo is now alone with me. She really stepped up to the plate this past year, providing me with comfort and constant companionship. The night Bali died, Boo took his place on my bed and continues to sleep with me every night. Despite the loss, I have tried to continue to provide her with some sense of normalcy and we still do the nightly CatManDo treat ritual that we have done every single night since her adoption so long ago.

Boo turns 10 on November 11, and I am throwing a birthday party for her. Several people have accepted invitations and I'm already being asked what gifts Boo would appreciate. What does one get the cat who has everything? Well, she can never have enough CatManDo, so a few are going to contribute toward our next Vir-Chew-All order!

from all of us at VIR-CHEW-ALL!!!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Baby Cat and Fluffy!

Hello Auntie Barb! We have received our treats and are VERY happy! Thank you so much to Suzie for her card and our new toys! Many many kisses to her! We will play like crrrrrazy tonight in her honour! God bless you both,

"We, BabyCat and Fluffy have been fans of Suzie's fancy cat nip bags for ever and a day! They are large in size and make purfect pillows for our heads after a couple of minutes of batting and licking! Yes, they're that good! Filled with pure organic catnip leaf and flower, making you feel dreamy! For all Kitties with good taste in the best! Guaranteed to make you relax and unwind. We just love'em to bits, and so will you, Fancy Cats!"

As you can see, my action pix aren't what I'd like them to be, because BOTH of these guys almost instantly drop to the floor and nap! Take a look at Fluffy who goes into a trance! Really, this Cat Nip is of the best quality ever. Proof is in the pudding! They love it, there's no other word to describe it.

I wish you a good day, and thanks again for making them so happy! Kind regards, God bless you, Victoria, BabyCat and Fluffy.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Latte (2000-2012), Founding Member and Matriarch of the Yukon Three, passed away today on May 28. Latte had valiantly fought 3 debilitating diseases for 4 years, and had received renal fluids at home for her final 5 months. Despite frequent 'crashes' and 4 near-death experiences, she managed to rebound. This last time, she didn't. Her illnesses ravaged her tiny body, and when her internal organs shut down and discomfort was evident, the painful decision was made to give her a dignified exit. Our vet and I were present to assist her across the Rainbow Bridge.

Latte was my beloved and faithful companion for nearly 9 years. I had adopted her and 2 other cats, Bali [RB-1998-2011] and Boo from the local shelter - all on the same day, which happened to be a Friday the 13th. It was a lucky day for all. I had only intended to adopt 2, but Latte singled me out and chose me - and I never regretted it. She had been surrendered as a shop cat, covered in gasoline, with her face ripped open by either another animal or a carburetor. Her long hair had never been groomed and she had been tortured with water hoses. She was frightened of the shelter, and looked downright scary, but she purred when I touched her, so I settled down on the shelter floor with grooming tools and gave her some attention. We never looked back. She was mine forever.

While the other two were best buds, Latte preferred to be a solitary, allowing only me into her inner circle. She was a contemplative, spending her days napping by the windows or in a closet. We shared walks (she loved the harness), sky watching on our balconies (especially the Northern Lights), and a love for peanut butter and ice cream. Up until last year when Latte's health started plummeting, she gave me a nightly scalp massage just before bedtime.

We spent her final few days together doing some of her favorite things - a short walk in the grass outside my apt. bldg., giving her favorite foods, and singing her favorite Motown songs - My Girl and Baby Love - while dancing in my arms.

I was privileged to be chosen by Latte and honoured to have spent my life with her. I have no doubt that Bali (who died just 10 months ago) was at the Rainbow Bridge to escort my little Latte across.

Boo and I miss her, but we feel her legacy of love and companionship and will keep her memory alive. As well, the skills she allowed me to practice on her during her palliative care (such as giving SubQ fluids at home) will now be taught to other local cat parents to help them gain confidence to care for their ill pets.

Thank you, Latte. Thank you for everything!!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Robert Emerson loves his Binx, that's for sure!
Binx is a Balinese, and highly intelligent for her species,(cat). She was the runt of the litter and was shunned by her mother, brothers and sisters. I've enclosed a "baby" picture of her, small face with a big o'nose.

We fell in love with her instantly. One of Binx's favorite places is my bathroom sink, matter of fact both Binx and her brother Bacci love to share my sink with each other.

Binx has us wrapped around her paws. Since the day she discovered she could meow her way to anything and everything, our lives have changed for the better more for her than ours, and especially when it comes to her cat "treats".

Speaking of bathrooms, both Binx and Bacci have a fascination with water. They join me almost everyday when I take a shower. Once I get in they sit on the rail and peek around the shower curtain to see what is going on. Nothing like two pair of eyes staring at you while you are showering, lol! And if that isn't enough...

Binx loves to drink the water from the kitchen faucet. It became so problematic that I had to buy her a flowing water well. Go figure... But it solved the problem and she's ah happy kitty!

Thanks Robert, Binx is adorable and we couldn't have said it better, so we didn't!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
ZackNo and The Maglet!

ZackNo and The Maglet live together but have been separated because of Zack's surgery. He get's so excited around her that he could damage his sutures. Jill we know you take such incredibly good care for your pups, he couldn't be in better hands. Look at him in his comfy shirt. What a sweetheart.

Although ZackNo has a few weeks to go, we know he and The Maglet will be best friends the moment they can really play, they probably already are :)

ZackNo came to live with mommy Jill in August. The Maglet is almost brand new! March 17th 2012 she came to live with Jill and Zackno!

Now you two keep your noses clean and have lots of fun! We're looking forward to tons of your antics and delights as the years go by. YEAH!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Andy Dog!

Andy Dog is off again on another of his marvelous adventures! Andy dog travels the world with Mr Claus. One of his many famous traveling friends.

They do get around.

Richard, Andy's RL human companion says: "Andy is one traveling young doggie! Even though he is only 3, he has been to Mexico three times, to Ashville, NC, Ogunquit, Maine and Saugatuck, Michigan--all on vacations. He should have his own frequent flyer program...

"...A friend took a photo of him when he was yawning, and substituted the photo for the MGM Lion--very cute."

Jake and we agree Richard, Andy is adorable and we hoep he gets to travel around much more and we'd love to hear more about his travels!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Please enjoy the new multimedia story and continuing saga of the coop, the ducks and all the other critters right here at the facebook album These are the days of our Ducks! "Captain Quack, I believe we have arrived"

Six day-old Indian Runner Ducks, five girls and one male.

Here, Suzie peeks over and says hello. You bet she knows better.

I'm so excited, I already have the new brooder set up! I have really missed the "chi-chi-chi" and pitter patter of little webbed feet!

Jake "the border kitty", makes sure everyone is settling in ok.

Although I do keep them covered when I'm not in the room, the cats never see the baby ducks or chicks as prey. They could see them as a cute fluffy squeaky toy, so we are cautious.

As some of you may know we had a coop fire and lost several of our dear friends.

But we are re-coop-erating!

John has been therapeutically designing the new coop, bigger, better, more secure. We've also decided to move the coop to the other side by the left end of the pond. As of today it will be 8' x 16', all full-size doors, two large windows, wall-mounted radiant heaters, smoke alarms, motion detectors and eventually a video hookup to an in-process smart-house monitoring system. We want our duckies happy!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Mik and Minardi!

Cheryl, Mik and Minardi we are so happy to see you back and out on walks together. The Pets Forums are awash in sunshine and happiness with your return!

"Mik and I went for a walk; he waits for me to tell him it's okay to cross the street."

"Sometimes he gets lazy, but at least he's smiling."

"And then one day, Minardi crawled into Mik's little bed."

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Holiday Kittens!!

First litter kittens in Delray Beach near Miami

From our former boy Ahriman's Rodney Ryan - now lives there, Christa Maitz.

We wish we could wrap them up and take them home to put under our tree! They are so pretty.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Tolly Sweet Pea!

Our dear friend Tolly has passed away and we wish you strength during his passing Gail. He will be missed by many who watched him grow up along side of you.

It was really difficult choosing one or two pictures from The Pets Forums to make this work Gail so here is a collage of Tolly from your images over the last few years. His beauty, his love, his light and lastly Queen Eva saying goodbye and his laugh. Thank you so much for posting so many of them over the years.

Nothing can describe this incredible feline better than Tolly's Gotcha Day story.

So here it is...

Tolly's Gotcha Day, September 16, 1999.

It was a dark and stormy night. Pouring rain. I was working in a house with three small children and a dog. We were in the kitchen and I was performing "dinner theater" for the entertainment of the children (I work with special needs children) dancing and singing, to distract them from the violent storm raging outside. Suddenly I heard this loud wailing meow, and the dog went crazy barking and jumping at the door.

I went outside and stood on the stoop but didn't see anything. I went back inside, and as soon as I shut the door, again heard this loud plaintive meow, and of course the dog went berserk again. This time I shut the dog in the bathroom (on the other side of the house) and stepped outside, off the porch. I stood in the pouring rain and called "kitty kitty kitty" as loud as I could. I really couldn't see a thing, it was a miserable night.

Suddenly I felt something climbing up me, and there was this tiny kitten clinging to me, just under my chin. I didn't take the time to look him over, I couldn't bring him in that house, nor could I leave the children for long, so I put him in my car, arranging the car blanket on the floor of the back seat, hoping the kitten would use it as a warm snuggly nest to sleep in and be warm until I left for home.

When I finally got in my car to go home, I found the little baby curled up in the driver's seat (my seat). He had used the blanket nest as his litter box, leaving me a little "present". (and is still just as fastidious) I lifted him off the seat and placed him on my lap, and he rode home, still curled up, like that.

When I got him home I discovered that he was just a tiny scrap of red fur. I got him to the vet the next day, and the vet felt he was about 5 weeks old, he had pneumonia, chlamydia eye infection, ear mites, and so on. He weighed only one pound. It was touch and go for a few days, but he rallied and responded to my loving care.

Ootay (rb5/09) and Bibbs(rb3/05) who were 8 at the time, took him under their wings and loved him.

His full name is Tolly Sweet Pea. He is just the sweetest cat I have ever met. He is also known as Nurse Tolly, as he comforts and nurses anyone sick (human or feline) and fusses over any cat who comes home smelling like vet.

-------------- Gail, that story is so lovely. But it isn't just Tolly's gotcha day story but a story about both of you and your beautiful love and kindness as well. Tolly was a very lucky fellow to be found by you and It's obvious the feeling is mutual.

Rest in Peace Tolly we know we'll see you with Ootay, Bibbs and all of our friends at the Rainbow Bridge someday.

Our condolences Gail, we hope Tolly's wonderful story inspires even more great people with love for all of our precious friends.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Santa Kim!

Here comes Santa Kim! Every Holiday Season Santa Kim comes out to play, he's been our holiday mascot since 1996.

Santa Kim is looking for a change though and he needs your help whether your a kid or a grown up.

Look at our picket fence logo and Santa Kim here and then make us your own version of Santa Kim and we'll post it right here for the whole holiday season and maybe next year too.

If you include a picture of your precious pet/s we'll put them next to your Santa Kim art.

It doesn't matter how good or bad of an artist you are... its about FUN :)

Please post your pics on our facebook page at and share this page with all your friends who love their pets too! Or send your art directly to Be sure to include: First name of artist, grade of artist (if child), and your city and state, and the names of your pets. Add your website address if you'd like a link, even to your facebook page or anywhere you love that is appropriate for all ages. ( span style='font-size:10pt;'>Of course by uploading your picture you agree to letting us use it for promotional purposes in perpetuity. If we really like your work we may be interested in paying you for more. We may not use every entry but we'll do our best to include every single one! )

We're also going to give the artist who makes our favorite Santa Kim picture a $25.00 Gift Certificate!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Tilly, beloved friend companion of Mary and Sadie. Tilly you are already missed greatly.

Mary once told Barb about Tilly:

I live with Tilly, who understands enough nouns that she happily retrieves things like keys or shoes if I have them placed someplace she can reach. dinner time, I typically ask Tilly to go get Sadie's bowl for me, and every time she then runs off, wiggles it out of it's stand (Sadie has a cute little white-painted wrought iron stand for her bowls), and brings it to me so that I can fill it, with Sadie watching and spinning in circles the whole time!!

Tilly had to be one of the smartest dogs we've ever had the pleasure of knowing about. And Mary we wish you the very best in this difficult time. Bless you and Sadie.

Rest In Peace dear Tilly, you had and still have a lot of love wonderful friends and a great life.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Antee Barb an Angel Preshie, Thank yoo so mutch for da welkum pagij from Angel Presh and Angel Amydawg. Da messij mayd mi momme cri witch she duz a lot wen she heerz Amydawgz naym, seez Amydawgz pickchurz, or eevin jess thinkz uv Amydawg. Mi mommee luvz me eevin dough Iy no she missez Amydawg berry mutch. Unlyke Amydawg, Iy luv skweeky toyze. Amydawg wuz afrayd uv aneething dat mayd noyze. Iyv bin choowin da heck owt uv awl mi toyz so Iy needid noo wonz eevin dough Iyv onlee bin heer 2 weekz. Mommee iz yoozing da treetz tu trayn me. So far shee sayz Iym a smart dawgie. Iyv attached a pickchur uv me soo dat yoo kan see wut Iy luk lyke so far. Iy wuz suppozd tu be an Austrailian Shepard/Lab mix, but mommee tinks Iy may be a sheltie/lab mix. Shee also wantid tu adopt mi sistur Ellie but sumwon in South Carolina decided tu keep her. Iy definately got da better deel. Tanks again, Zack da puppy dawg an his mommee Jill

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Bali (of the Yukon 3)!

Bali, the 13 yr. old Patriarch of the family, Cool Dude and Founding Member of the Yukon Three, had a peaceful and quick passing at home, assisted by his vet of the past 8 years.

His beloved companion of the past 10 years, Boo, and his secret paramour Latte, were present and were able to view the body afterwards.

I was present holding his hand as he went, and was the last thing he saw. The last thing he heard was "Bali, I love you baby, forever."

Rest In Peace, my little man. Love of my life.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Precious Little-Love bam-bam Killer Salsbury is most famous for "helping me with everything I do" for 13 years She died of Chronic Kidney Failure (CRF) July 4, 2005

Once photographed on Barb's shoulder for an article in the Sacramento Bee newspaper, Preshie became very well known, with friends around the world. The cat who started it all! Precious Little-Love bam-bam Killer Salisbury was a little Manx Kitty Girl with a powerful personality and more charm than a barrel of monkees.

Presh was also the founder of the original "Critter Chat", an immensely popular forum where "the pets take over the keyboards and talk to each other". With some members and volunteer staff going back to the late 1990's, Critter Chat is still alive and well in The Pets Forums under the "Calling All Critters" section.

Well Presh! It's been 15 years and we love you just as much and more. You changed animals and peoples lives with your inspiration and love. There will never be another like you. On this 15th anniversary of Vir-Chew-All we remind you too that all of our precious pets deserve the very best and more love than we can ever give. Be good to them.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Amy Dawg!

Amy Dawg has been a very big influence, far more than her size would tell.

There is so much to say about this amazing critter that only the Pet Forums can say it properly. Favorite memories of AmyDawgLee aka AmyWamy.

See you at the Rainbow Bridge Amy :)

Our hearts go out to you Jill.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Mackensie and Miss Daisy!

Mackensie is an American Mastiff

This is Mrs. Daisy They live in Roanoke Virginina

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Pounce Fluffiepants!

Pounce Fluffiepants is small for a Maine Coon.

He's only 11 1/2 pounds and grey/black striped with bits of tan tossed in and white paws and bib.

Pounce has a Jumbo Cat Tail Teaser with the feathers on a stick. Hes' had it a long time and it's in very bad shape.

The local pet stores have quit carrying this toy and so I was overjoyed when I found your site.

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Juniper, Jax & Mowgli!

Juniper, Jax, and Mowgli are rescued feral kittens on Maui in Hawaii. We live next to a vast field of high grass that serves as a home for Axis deer and for stray cats in multitudes.

We catch the cats in a no-kill trap and have the local shelter come and pick them up. The younger the better as they have more chance of being adopted.

These lucky guys get to sticka round though. See how happy they are? Juniper and Jax are delighted with each other. Loving siblings.

Mowgli is just funny. This is what happens when you forget to water your cats quick enough, they try to explore the water bowl. ~ Alex

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Mark in Pennsylvania sent us these FABULOUS pictures of his cat "CHESSIE" playing with his favorite CATS CLAWS feather toy from! CHESSIE FLIES!



Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Fresbie and Yum Yum!

You have to admit that Fresbie (on top) and Yum-Yum are the most precious Shih-Tsu you have ever seen!! They were given to us 10 years ago, and that when our lives changed. We get at least 100 licks per day from each and we wish it were more. They are going GREEN for the up and coming St. Patrick's Day, and just maybe, their Mommy and Daddy will give them a sip of Irish Bailey's cream, as long as they do not drive home. We hope you will share our children with customers of your wonderful site. Thank you, Mommy and Daddy

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Peppy and Poppy!

This is Peppy playing on their perch next to my desk in "our" office. He loved to climb to the very highest level and then come down and play hide and seek with me or Poppy. You can just see the mischief shining in his eyes as he peeps around and out of the different posts on the perch. And as you can see, he was very photogenic and loved having his picture made.

Santa brought them this perch the year of the bad ice storm and power outage where we spent Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day with no power and supplemental heat. Santa always brought their toys on Christmas Eve and they went in and found them on Christmas morning, where we took rolls of pictures as they discovered their presents and played with them. But, alas, Santa couldn't get here with their "special" gift on Christmas Eve. It was a very different Christmas day and one we will never forget. Of course, "The Boys" cared nothing about our explanations of why their "special" gift was late, they just said, bring it on, we're here and ready to play.

Peppy was so unique and special and as I'm sure you can imagine, I miss him very much. He was like a mini-me, because he was with me all of the time. Peppy loved cantaloupe and would eat it off of my fork. Actually, his favorite breakfast was a toss-up between cantaloupe and lemon-filled donuts from Donut Palace. He and Poppy were inseperable for 14 years and napped together in my office as I worked every day.

Peppy and Poppy are Beloved by Pat in Tennessee, June 2003

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

These adorable kittens are by our longtime international customer and breeder, Christa Maitz.


Our Nevada customer, Mayra, sent us this enchanting picture of her beautiful Persians.

Thanks Mayra!

"Amy Dawg" is one of our favorite regular shoppers.


Look at that mischevious face!

This cutie was sent to us by Joanna from New Mexico

Thanks, Joanna!

Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Bella is a Maremma, Italian Sheep Dog. Leslie took Bella in September of 2008 at about 6 months of age. Her owner was sad he had to keep her in a kennel outside as he was not around much. Bella came to her new home timid of people and she was frightened of coming in the house for some time.

Bella came to love her new older sister Kokua in a short time. Kokua let Bella know that humans were ok, although she still is scared of people not in the family. As time goes by we hope she comes to trust people more but this may be difficult due to her early childhood.

Bella loves to herd, she instinctively herds any animal and any person who behaves subserviently. Her bark is scary but she has never bitten anyone. She loves to herd Kokua, her sister in love. Bella loves long walks up the mountain on a long lead from the car. She can run several miles before she gets tired.

Bella has fluffy double coats of fur that repels water well. She absolutely adores small teddy bears, bungee geckos and any other plush toys that she can use to play tug of war with her sister Kokua. Bella has a high energy level and goes through her toys fairly quickly. We always get her toys from Vir-CHew-All because they usually last much longer than our locally bought plushies.

Send us your pets to be featured here and make sure to include some information about them, a story or biography etc. Or you can post your pets directly to our Vir-Chew-All Facebook Page and tell us your story there :D

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