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You'll notice in some of the pictures, his coat is really and in others it has blondish discoloration. He has a Sebaceous Adenitis. The treatment affected his liver and his immune system has been compromised. He gets a lot of treats because he gets shots, spray on his skin, mineral oil on his skin, prescription topical medicine, fish oil daily vitamin A. He is sooooo good with all of that.

He likes to go to the vet's office, even thought he'll get stuck with needles. Sometimes, the have to draw blood out of his neck and he is so good for them. Of course, he always wants to go in the back of the clinic and see everyone there. He makes them stop what they are doing and pet him. Then he's ready to come back to me after he's interrupted everyone.

He is so much my dog (never had a dog only devoted to me). My husband used to travel globally and when he would come home and was ready to go to bed, Sampson would get up on the bed and growl at my husband. I was no help - I'd laugh at the situation.

Sampson will not go outside for my husband, he'll wait for me.

Sampson is a lover, not an aggressor.

When Sampson came to us, we already had a cat, Casey. Sampson and Casey were best buds, but Casey was getting old. At 19 1/2 Casey was really frail and would lay down on the kitchen mat. Sampson would lay next to Casey and the cat would snuggle into Sampson for warmth. While they were snuggled up with each other, Sampson would always clean Casey's face and ears. It was so sweet. After Casey died, Sampson focused on me even harder.

He is a very smart dog. I can take him out on the front lawn without a leash and he will not go in the street.

I can take him for a walk without a leash and he will stay by me.

We have trick or treaters come to our house each year and always ask to pet Sampson. We've even run into some of the Trick or Treaters in the pet store and they were excited to see him. Weird but fun.

He loves to play with other dogs. Our neighbor has a Boarder Collie, Mike. They are great buds. They are both 7 and will play in the front yard without leashes and not bother anyone.

Sampson thinks the neighbors garage is an extension of our house. Strange?

Sam likes to dance with our granddaughter (the girl in the picture).

We have 2 finches (Archie and Missy - named after the St. Louis Arch and the Mississippi). Sam checks on them everyday and lays under their cage.

He's the best door bell I've ever had. Not aggressive, just very loud.

Needless to say - I love my Sampson and my Sampson loves me.

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We love our pets and Vir Chew All is dedicated to delivering only the finest products for your beloved cats and dogs. We have proven that dedication consistently since 1996 and will continue to do so forever.

Barbara L. Downing, Proprietor

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