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Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:

Meet Walter! adopted from a shelter by Barb & John in September.

Walter is a five year old Maine Coon with a history of urinary blockage. He was turned over to the shelter when his owners couldn't afford his hospital bills. He has to be on a special diet ( a bit tricky with six other cats in the house) but it is easily managed.

Walter is into everything and he loves his "gravity experiments".

Barb says it is like having an entire litter of kittens under foot!

Walter is an absolute joy to have around and a wonderful addition to the Downing menagerie.

Along with Buddy, Walter has also claimed the title of Trailer Kitty! That means he gets to accompany Barb and John for weekends at their RV from May to September.

He made two trailer-kitty trips before the end of the season this year and just loved it.

Send us your pets to be featured here and make sure to include some information about them, a story or biography etc. Or you can post your pets directly to our Vir-Chew-All Facebook Page and tell us your story there :D

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