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Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Dagmar's Babies!

Dagmar's babies are beautiful love warrior cats who live in Germany. Please excuse the translation barriers in our descriptions. We Love you all Dagmar!

Benjamin was born April, 4th, 2004. He is the third and youngest baby of three. He is also the biggest. A true Mr. Nice Guy but If you are a tiger, don't show him your back!

Cheyenne was born on April, 13th, 2003, the second Baby of five. Usually a sweetheart, like honey but if you are to slow - She'll POUNCE!

Bonnie was born April, 13th, 2003, the fourth Baby of five. She is our Minnie Mouse, so sweet, so shy, but if she want's to have a cuddle, she claims it with a great clamor!!!

Cinderella was born January, 16th, 2003, the first Baby of two. She is a purrfect princess and does anything for sweets - but afterwards "don't touch me!"

Clyde was born April 13th, 2003, the third Baby of five. He is The Chief, named "Earl Grey" - he can be a battle-cuddler for hours on end.

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