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Vir-Chew-All's Featured Pet:
Isabelle Downing!

Isabelle, our little grey wonder-cat (formerly known as Crazy May) went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning after a sudden stroke left her in severe pain and her hind end paralyzed. The Vet diagnosed "Saddle Thrombus", a blood clot completely blocking the blood flow to the hind legs. She has been suffering with a Thyroid condition that that took precedence over her heart murmur - both of which contributed to today's crisis.

Isabelle was dropped off at Barb's California home many years ago by a neighbor saying "Is this your cat? Our dog attacked it"! Starving, about 6 months old, cold, wet and frightened, that night she joined Barb's gang of felines. Overnight she aborted 3 kittens - she was so skinny and malnourished it was impossible to believe she was pregnant too!

Isabelle quickly assimilated - except her attitude was that she should be #1 kitty - entitled to being the Princess of all she surveyed. Of course, with Presh there as the undisputed queen of everything, that wasn't about to happen.

A few weeks later, somehow the door to Barb's rural home was left open. All the housecats made a quick adventure outside - promptly frightened, the gang all ran back inside, but Isabelle did what came natural to her - SHE CLIMBED A TREE! It was four days before we located her with a flashlight at night reflecting off her eyes - sixty feet up a pine tree as shown! Yes, Barb climbed all the way up there, slipped Isabelle into a tote bag and climbed back down!

When Barb moved to New Hampshire from California, 7 of her cats (and Alex the Border Collie) accompanied her and her friend Joan Rougemont on the cross-country trek. Isabelle was at risk of having to be re-homed, but not being the most striking cat in the world, that was not an easy task. That is when our friend Diane Pargament stepped in and graciously insisted on buying Isabelle a plane ticket to New Hampshire. ( Diane is the Senior Manager of our Community: THANK YOU, Diane!

Immediately on arrival in New Hampshire, Isabelle took to John as the human she had searched for her entire life! The two instantly bonded and enjoyed a feline-human relationship that neither had ever seen, only wished for. Recently, Isabelle got her greatest wish: to be #1 KITTY - as she has been accompanying John and Barb on weekends to their travel trailer at Danforth Bay, NH. Although she wasn't crazy about the car ride, Isabelle was so incredibly happy to have her rightful place as "only kitty", it was a joy to see.

You will be missed, Isabelle! We will see you again some day. Barb & John Downing

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We love our pets and Vir Chew All is dedicated to delivering only the finest products for your beloved cats and dogs. We have proven that dedication consistently since 1996 and will continue to do so forever.

Barbara L. Downing, Proprietor

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