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About our pure organic catnip

# 100% Certified organic

# Cats love it!

# Safe, pure and potent

Cats go ape for catnip, an herb in the mint family which contains nepetalactone, a natural chemical found in the aromatic oils of the plant's leaves. Though not addictive, catnip gives cats an intense, euphoric high that lasts anywhere from 10-15 minutes.

A cat’s reaction to the detection and capture of prey closely parallels many of the phases of the catnip response. Pawing, clasping and rolling onto the side, and rhythmic kicking with the back feet are common to hunting behavior and the catnip response.

Pet experts agree that catnip can be a terrific exercise stimulator for overweight cats. The boisterous ecstasy provided by catnip is a great experience for tense, nervous, bored or restless cats and a natural way for sedentary cats to "kick up their heels."

All catnips are NOT created equal!

Though the word "catnip" graces the labels of countless pet products, few compare to the purity and potency of our Vir-Chew-All Certified Organic Catnip. Our catnip is better for your cat, better for you and better for our environment at the same time.

While other catnips may contain pesticides, dyes or fillers, Vir-Chew-All Certified Organic Catnip is certified organically grown, and processed using only 100% catnip leaves and blossoms. This is your guarantee of freshness and purity. You can feel confident that your cat's enjoyment will be safe and healthy.

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